Tuesday, September 28, 2010

more color for a grey day...

i've been having trouble uploading photos which is giving me a pain. and speaking of pain, my mother's been visiting us from california. i'm kidding, i just saw that opening and had to take it. the truth is, it's been great to have her and we've all enjoyed spending time with her. we've been running here and there and i'm beat! still i'm sad that she's going back to california today...

so, it's still grey and rainy today, and i'm a little sad about my mother leaving which calls for some color, right? here is a beautifully colorful, happy bouquet and centerpiece from one of our summer weddings...don't they make you feel good just looking at them?

Monday, September 20, 2010

table numbers

so, i'm pretty sure that jane is about ready to say, "now put the brush down and back slowly away from the chalkboard paint agna." and she might have a point, but lately i just have a thing for it, and i keep finding new uses...

i recently used it on some vases we had around the shop to organize one of our supply shelves, like this:

then i thought, what if we used these to write the table numbers on the vase itself? so i made up some prototypes...one caveat: the flowers i used were just leftovers lying around so don't judge the idea based on them...

Friday, September 17, 2010

fall weddings

i walked into the shop this afternoon and jane had just finished a BEEA-U-TIFUL bouquet, one that was perfectly fall-like. seriously pretty but you'll have to wait for a photo (and how many times have i said THAT?) and with the fall weather that has started to creep in, i'm getting in the mood for one of my most favorite times of the year...

i found this cool chartreuse peacock feather hairpiece which combines a number of my favorites: peacock feathers (of course done in a new way), chartreuse and hair accessories. oh and it's from etsy. it would be perfect for a fall, or even winter wedding, no? an especially gorgeous contrast against dark hair.

more craftiness with moss

cute, right?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

never thought i'd

make a garland for a horse....

and when i was making them, i thought they were going to be strung around the horses neck like a necklace or lei. this way is much better. pink roses, white and green carnations and a navy bow. it totally worked despite the darkness of this photo. i'll share the professional pic when we get them.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

cute find of the week

cute factor-1, location-0.

these sweet little vases were filled with hyacinths and put in the ladies room at a recent wedding. it almost seems a shame that they weren't on cocktail tables and/or on display for the world to see, but we'll just have to leave that to another event. no denying though, the effect was perfect, as are these adorable little containers. another wonderful find by jane!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

trash the dress

i feel so out of it. i didn't even know what a trash the dress photo shoot was until jane explained it to me very recently. back in my day, we just didn't have those. oh and we walked to school in the snow uphill BOTH ways...just kidding. seriously though, i had never heard of one. not long ago jane created a really playful bouquet for just such a photo shoot. she used fushia colored anenome, hyacinth, peachy roses, wonderfully contrasting flowers and interspersed with the flowers were vintage jewels some brightly colored in blues and greens. it was a really unusual bouquet and quite special. hopefully they don't trash the bouquet when they do the dress...

professional photography forthcoming from the ever talented carla ten eyck, which i'll share...i just couldn't wait.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

la bella photoshoot

not long ago, on a rainy morning jane went off to madison for a la bella bride magazine photoshoot. this shoot turned out to be a great opportunity for me. jane planned on making 4 bouquets, and she let yours truly do one of them. i have to admit i was sorta floored she asked me if i wanted to. jane ordered a bunch of beautiful  flowers for us to play with and gave me carte blanche to select mine. these photoshoots are a great opportunity to do fun things without the restraints of budget or using certain flowers. you're really allowed to be as creative as you want to be. one of jane's first observations about my bouquet was that i had chosen flowers that didn't have a whole lot of structure, so she showed me how to work in more structural ones that would help hold the bouquet together---the white garden roses helped with that. that's the sort of thing that i didn't think of, how would the bouquet hold up? i mean, if you think about it, the flowers have to not only look good, they have to survive out of water, respond well to travel and also look alive and fresh through the ceremony and photography (in the case of a real wedding).

the other flowers i used were red dahlias, ornithogalum (little white flowers with black in the center), red monarda, red and white anenomes. i also added thornless raspberries the colors of which i thought tied it all together while adding an unusual element.  i finished it with a lace wrap.  if asked to describe my bouquet in one word, i am not sure i'd be able to. jane came up with "quirky". i'd definitely need more than one word, but if pressed i might say it was:  "victorian-rock-and-roll-berrylicious-debutante."

i'll share the professional photographs when we get them (can't wait!),but until then here's my bouquet and boutonniere.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

cute find of the week

an alternative to flowers (gasp!) lining the aisle, jane found these cute red parasols for one of our brides.

or what about hanging a whole bunch of them, upside down and in different angles from the ceiling? oh the possibilities!