Sunday, December 19, 2010

st. clements wedding

these lovely bouquets were for a wedding done this past fall at st. clements castle. the bride, michelle's bouquet was made with patience garden roses, andromeda, orithogalum, wax flowers, star of bethlehem with feathers added as accent. the bouquet manages to look elegant without being too formal, with just the right amount of a natural "wildness".

the bride was gorgeous as were her attendants who wore matching fur stoles. honestly the affair looked like a photo shoot and i wish i had pictures of any case, the attendants' bouquets were comprised of sahara roses, orange sunset colored orchids, hypernicum, chocolate cymbidium reflecting the shades of autumnal colors but still looking bright and vibrant. these deeper colors were accented with the light blue of grape hyacinths and stars of bethlehem then the bouquets were finished with step wraps in gorgeous brown velvet. hhmmmm, have i used the word gorgeous too much in this post?!

a sixpence shower

jane always loves working with the sixpence girls, talia and lindsay and had the opportunity to do so again. this time however, it was not for the "usual" wedding, but for a baby shower. it's always fun to mix it up a little bit, isn't it?

jane created fun centerpieces using gerberas, fushia, purple and green hydrangea, kermit poms and carnations.  small cocktail vases with carnations in shades of purple sat in small glass vases which were wrapped with pink wire. an interesting note about the carnations is their coloring. our supplier, florigene has bread carnations with the colors of african violets resulting in a wonderful purple palate ranging from deep intense purples to lighter mauve and lilac shades. you know how we love our purples here at jfy!  (you can follow the link and go on the florigene website to read the scientific lingo on how they do it if that floats your boat ;)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

first snow

i awoke to a snowcovered landscape. it's winter! to commemorate the moment i'm sharing a lovely all white bouquet from a wedding we did this fall. it was made with white dahlias, gardenias, garden roses, calla lilies, and stock. i love the *pop* of the black center of the callas.

Monday, December 13, 2010

more ocean house

a little more detail on the gorgeous ocean house photo i mentioned this was a collaboration between carla (ten eyck) and candace from jubilee events called "collaborate and create" which was one of their workshops which they put on periodically for photographers and wedding planners. these events give them the opportunity to sharpen or expand their skills. carla directs the photography end while candace coordinates the wedding planning. a "faux" wedding is set up and for this particular shoot, jane provided the florals. as it turned out it was the first week open for the newly rebuilt ocean house in rhode island and the reviews from jane are highly favorable! click this link to check out the beautiful property.

the specific flowers janes selected--which came out to positively dreamy effect--were purple lilac, wax flowers, ladies mantle, chamomile, soft peach garden roses, white lysianthus, apple blossom stock and maiden hair fern.

Friday, December 10, 2010

jubilee events photoshoot

seems like i fell off the edge of the planet, huh? i apologize for the silence from the jfy blog. since i last blogged i spent thanksgiving in washington d.c. (so fun!) and planned my daughter's mad hatter alice in wonderland tea party 7th birthday (turned out so good if i do say so myself!). in any case, it's been a wind down of the busy wedding season and ramping up for the holidays.

so you know how numerous times i've promised to share professional photography and nothing materializes of it? well i can finally keep my promise with these gorgeous shots from a photoshoot with jubilee events at the ocean house last may. photography by carla ten eyck.  love love love!