Monday, May 23, 2011

may showers

i thought the saying went, "april showers bring may flowers." unfortunately it's going a bit more like "april showers bring on more may showers." i tell you, i'm done with the grey skies, and yet, as ever, bright flowers do seem to brighten my mood, and sunday's wedding at the wesleyan barn did just that. our bride maya wanted a natural, unstructured look with bright flowers in a nod to her indian heritage. as an added bonus i was given responsibility for the centerpieces, which was very exciting for me.  my work with jane has been a little like the karate kid movie...wax on, wax off, paint up, paint down etc. refining the basics. working on the centerpieces this weekend allowed me to put those details into a whole, the big picture if you will. i'm not doing the one footed crane just yet, but wait. i will.

photos courtesy of aunt sis.

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